Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy Process

Another classic work in Sandplay, Images of the Self, written by Jungian Analyst, Estelle Weinrib, remains a foundational work in Sandplay.  Weinrib reviews the phase of the psyche’s development in Sandplay as she experienced them, then illustrates with a case.  This volume also includes Weinrib’s article “The Shadow and the Cross.”  Out of print and unavailable for years, Temenos Press® is pleased to make this valuable work available.

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Author: Estelle Weinrib
Editor:  Barbara A. Turner, PhD

Formerly out of print and unavailable for almost 20 years, this book has remained the foundational text on Sandplay psychotherapeutic theory.

The theoretical mechanics of how Sandplay works to heal and transform the psyche are articulated and applied to a complete Sandplay case. This updated edition includes two new chapters, comprising two prominent papers by Estelle Weinrib. The Index has been greatly expanded to aid in study and research. Line drawings depicting the sand tray content have been added to facilitate understanding the original Sandplay photographs.

Estelle L. Weinrib was an internationally recognized teacher of Sandplay therapy and a Jungian analyst.

Pages: 240
Book Type: Paper
ISBN: 0972851712 / 978-0-9728517-1-8
B&W Photos: 34
Publisher: 2004 Temenos Press®

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

  • Foreword: Katherine Bradway, 2003
  • Author’s Note: 1983
  • Preface: Dora M. Kalff, 1983



  • Introduction
  • The Evolution of Sandplay
  • Magic Circles and Fantasies
  • Pioneers in Sandplay Therapy
  • A Game Without Rules
  • Eight Basic Concepts
  • A Free and Protected Space
  • Reconstructing the Mother Image
  • Recovery of the Feminine
  • Feminine Aspects of Sandplay
  • A Feminine Way to the Spirit
  • Sandplay as a Way to Transformation
  • A Bridge to the World
  • A Safe Outlet for Aggression
  • Feeling, Creating, Centering
  • The Recovery of Feeling
  • The Act of Creating
  • A Form of Meditation
  • Redirecting Energy
  • Resistance
  • A Diagram of the Psyche
  • A Comparison of Verbal Analysis and Sandplay
  • Developmental Stages
  • An Unguided Way to Self
  • A Few Words of Caution
  • The Shadow and the Cross
  • Overview



  • Tray 1 – Indications of Problem and Possible Resolutions:
    The father complex and other therapeutic issues
  • Tray 2 – Penetration to the Personal Unconscious:
    Further clarification of the problems and healing possibilities
  • Tray 3 – Activation of Instincts:
    Potential for commitment appears
  • Tray 4 – Transition:
    Indication of changing values
  • Tray 5 – Resolution of Father Complex Begins
  • Tray 6 – Harbinger of Nascent Ego Appears
  • Tray 7 – Centering:
    Pre-figuration of integration of relevant issues
  • Tray 8 – Resolution of Paranoid Inflation
  • Tray 9 – Differentiation of Masculine and Feminine Elements in the Personality
  • Tray 10 – Movement Toward Connection of Masculine and Feminine Elements
  • Tray 11 – Constellation of the Self
  • Tray 12 – Separation from Father and Reconciliation
  • Tray 13 – Symbols of Renewal Appear
  • Tray 14 – The Emergence of the Anima and the Birth of a New Consciousness
  • Glossary
  • Table of Illustrations
  • Table of Works Cited
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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