Sandtray Play in Education

Sandtray Play in Education describes the procedure Drs. Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir and Barbara Turner have adapted from Jungian Sandplay therapy, to provide a creative play modality to enhance children’s education in the schools.  Founded upon Dr. Unnsteinsdóttir’s research that evidenced enhance learning skills and a reduction of presenting symptoms, this work is used in conjunction with training in the modality.

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Authors: Kristín Unnstiensdóttir, PhD
Barbara A. Turner, PhD

Sandtray Play in Education is the culmination of the collaboration of learning specialist, Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir, PhD, of Iceland, and Barbara Turner, PhD, Sandplay psychotherapist, who have worked together to develop a tool that draws on the child`s inner world to support and inform his or her learning and growth in the school setting.

Together they have created a way that a well-trained counselor or learning specialist in Sandtray Play in Education can work individually with a small group of students, side-by-side, each giving birth to the fruits of imagination and creative play as the fashion their own “worlds” in the trays.

Using the same miniature figures and tray of sand used in the Jungian Sandplay method, Sandtray Play is not a psychotherapeutic modality, rather it is a creative play tool adapted to provide school children with an engrossing, self-directed, imaginative activity.  Founded on their belief, now supported by research, that children need imaginative play in school in order to learn and grow, Drs. Unnsteinsdóttir Sandtray Play now oversee training in this method to qualified professionals working in the educational setting.

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